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The trouble with vegan cats and dogs veterinaryrecord.bmj.com – Shared by Vet Record and 1 other A carnivorous rabbit is something out of a Monty Python film, but is it any weirder than a vegan dog? How about a vegan cat? Until recently the above suggestions belonged wholly in the realms of come… Can I Leave A Dog In The Car In Winter? Hot Cars Aren’t The Only Danger akc.org – Shared by American Kennel Club You likely know about the dangers of leaving your dog unattended in a hot car. But, what about when it’s cold outside? While you might think it’s safe to park your pet during the winter months, the p… U.S. prepares for coronavirus pandemic, school and business closures: health officials – Reuters reuters.com – Shared by Dog (Reuters) – U.S. health officials on Friday said they are preparing for the possibility of the spread of the new coronavirus through U.S. communities that would force closures of schools and business… VIDEOS
Cat Hairball – Nothing to Cough About | Me, Him and the Cats mehimandthecats.com – Shared by Diane Cats are such hygiene freaks that seldom do we see them rough and dirty. In fact, cats are guilty of constantly preening trying their best to keep themselves looking pretty. A cat’s tongue is compose… Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm – A New Whole Food, Low Carb Diet for Dogs mydoglikes.com – Shared by MyDogLikes It really is that simple. After trying out their food for ourselves, we (and thousands of other passionate pet parents) have seen drastic improvements in the health of our companion animals. We credi… Don’t miss out. Subscribe to the email newsletter.
20 Dog Food Recipes With Chicken – WowPooch wowpooch.com – Shared by WowPooch Commercial dog food, you know the ones you find on the shelf at the pet store with what seem like contain a million ingredients? The million ingredients can’t all be good for your beloved canine. So … Best Wet & Dry Dog Foods For Older – Senior Dogs – WowPooch wowpooch.com – Shared by WowPooch Choosing the best diet for your pet can be confusing at the best of times, and as your dog ages, it can become even more difficult. As an older dog will often have a very different set of nutritional… Top 10 Dog Training Tips | Adams K-9 Dog Training & Kennel adamsk-9.com – Shared by Adams K-9 10 Patience – You must be patient Grasshopper. Yes Master. Don’t expect your dog to “get it” right away it takes time. Even when they start understanding the command don’t be surprised if they revert… PHOTOS iheartdogs.com – Shared by DogGeek.com and 1 other When your dog gets sick, do you ever consider it could be the food in his bowl that is bringing him down? We often place blame for illness on issues like exposure to other sick pups, genetics or sens… Reformulating or Compounding Your Pet’s Medication – PetsWeekly.com petsweekly.com – Shared by PetsWeekly We all have pet-related responsibilities that are unpleasant: cleaning the litterbox, picking up poop in the yard – pretty much anything that deals with feces… But there is another job that has the p… ad Mental Health Benefits of Dogs – Mental Health Treatment West Palm Beach FL dragresti.com – Shared by Mark Agresti Mental Health Benefits of Pets The bond between humans and animals is a powerful one, so much so that there have been numerous books written and movies made centering on the relationships between the… Is Vaping Dangerous for Pets? petmd.com – Shared by Mesa West Pet Hospital As more smokers indulge in vaping, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center and Pet Poison Helpline report a growing number of cases of pets being sickened by e-cigarettes and their components. Poisoni… FDA and AAFCO have Allowed Illegal Pet Food for Twenty Years truthaboutpetfood.com – Shared by Lisa Coffman For twenty years, all regulatory authorities have been fully aware pet food ingredients included euthanized animals. For twenty years, all regulatory authorities have done nothing to stop the common … Legal Weed Is A Danger To Dogs. Here’s How To Know If Your Pup Got Into Pot npr.org – Shared by Tim Young and 1 other THC, a key psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is toxic to dogs, veterinarians warn. So keeping dogs away from discarded joints, edible marijuana or drug-tainted poop is important. It all started o…
Pet’s teeth, gums are important part of health times-standard.com – Shared by Oliva Riggle and 1 other February is National Pet Dental Health Month —there are still a few days left to raise awareness! Periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition we see in dogs and cats — the American Vete…
Epileptic Dogs Can Live Normally – Whole Dog Journal whole-dog-journal.com – Shared by Whole Dog Journal 1. If your dog displays any behavior that resembles the seizures described below, immediately make an appointment with a veterinarian who has clinical experience with canine epilepsy for an examinati…
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