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I love pets (especially dogs as you know if you read our blog). We love saving dollars too and strive to pass along savings. Hey, the economy might be booming but every dollar counts. Pet food and supplies are via our affiliation with Chewy and Joy Organics. Please note we receive commissions on purchases at no additional cost to you. The savings are real!

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Pet Food Savings

Up to 50% off for Pet Food Savings o 25% off Your First American Journey Product!o Buy 1, Get 1 Free on your first order of Landmark by American Journey today!o Save an Extra 50% on your first bag of  Bones & Chews Dog Treats!o Buy 1, Get 1 Free on your first True Acre Foods Product!o Save an Extra 50% off all Dr. Lyon’s Products!o Save an Extra 50% off Tiny Tiger Wet Cat Food!o Buy 1, Get 1 Free on Tylee’s Frozen Human Grade Dog Food. Beef, Chicken, Turkey, & Pork!o Save an Extra 30% off Miko Wet Cat Food!o Save an Extra 30%Read More

Doggone Daily News Archive 01-27-2020

Doggone Daily Newsletter Helpful information for pet owners, ala the Internet. Monday, Jan. 27, 2020 NATURAL PET HEALTH PRODUCTS Shared byFour-legged family myfourleggedfamilyhealth.com – Good day, dear reader and pet lover. Today I’d like to talk about natural pet health products and how they can bring needed relief or added vitality to your pets. The last thing we ever want is to fi… Finding puppy abandoned by the A420 inspires Sammy to help mistreated dogs in Romania  news.google.com/search swindonadvertiser.co.uk – A GENEROUS volunteer has devoted herself to helping Romanian cats and dogs after being inspired by finding her pup on the A420. Sammy CullisRead More

CBD Care for Pets

cbd pet care

WHY CHOOSE JOY ORGANICS CBD Oil & DOG TREATS? “Why shouldn’t your pet experience the life-enhancing benefits of CBD? Your dog brings you endless happiness — always happy to see you and always willing to listen without talking back. That’s why Joy — a lifelong animal lover — was inspired to offer high-quality CBD products formulated especially for canines. After consulting with her lead scientist and product developer, Joy discovered that the same proprietary formulas she used in her non-canine products would provide more benefits to pets than almost all of the CBD products currently branded for pet use. It’sRead More

Doggone Daily News Archive 01-26-2020

Doggone Daily Newsletter Helpful information for pet owners, ala the Internet. Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020 How Super Sniffer Dogs Are Helping Detect Disease Around The World Shared byVintage Pet Rescue npr.org – Dogs’ olfactory capacity — they can sniff in parts per trillion — primes them to detect disease. As the owner of a yellow lab named Gus, author Maria Goodavage has had many occasions to bathe her poo… Meat Ants Devour Cane Toads Shared by Dr James Vassie sciencealert.com – With cat food as bait, scientists from The University of Sydney’s School of Biological Sciences have succeeded in showing that native meat antsRead More

Pet Cloning

dog clones

There is a lot of pet cloning going on in the world today, including the cloning of the family pet. Much of it is done in the United States by for-profit businesses serving the farming, Armed Services, and even the horse racing industry! Would you clone your pet? This is an interesting question but before we can decide on whether or not we would clone our pets, we should gather some information to help make a good decision. Let’s start by looking into the history of cloning. Meet “Dolly” Pet Cloning “Little Nicky” Little Nicky (born October 17, 2004) is theRead More

Doggone Daily News Archive 01-25-2020

DOGGONE DAILY NEWSLETTER Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020 Pet Hygiene for Cats and Dogs – PetsWeekly.com Shared byPetsWeekly petsweekly.com – Pet hygiene is extremely important for you and your pet, there are many steps that can be taken to improve the cleanliness of your cat or dog; but surprisingly many pet owners are unaware of the opti… Jack Russell hereditary health and average longevity | Pets4Homes Shared byTina Helme pets4homes.co.uk – The Jack Russell dog is the breed most likely to come to mind when one thinks of the terrier, and indeed, the Jack Russell is consistently one of the most popular and commonly ownedRead More

A Great Picture of Your Dog

great dane black lab mix sitting on a picnic table

Do you find it hard to get a great picture of your dog? You are not alone! There are some proven methods of obtaining a great candid photo of your dog. Try one of these simple ideas the next time cuteness calls! Get down on your dog’s level. You could say the below photo was just being in the right place at the right time but I down on the ground and called him towards me. Consider Your Pet’s Personality. Before you start photographing your pet ask yourself “what sets Pooch apart from other animals?” Try getting a photo ofRead More