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Daily Dog News 02-02-2020

Doggone Daily News

Sunday, Feb. 02, 2020 5 Game Day Foods to Avoid Feeding Pets Shared byNationwide Pet phz8.petinsurance.com – Football parties are exciting, loud and usually complimented by an array of tasty finger foods and drinks. You may not be the only one overindulging during this weekend’s big game; your dog or cat ma… Science Shows Positive Reward-Based Dog Training is Best Shared byDC Doggo psychologytoday.com – Dog training in Canada is an unregulated industry with no regulatory body “Our hope is that programs like AnimalKind will draw attention to the evidence for humane dog training, and help move the dog… Learn These Problems Now, AndRead More

Daily Dog News 02-01-2020

Doggone Daily News

Saturday, Feb. 01, 2020 Dog Blood Transfusions: Everything You Need to Know Shared byBill Stewart and 1 other petmd.com – Is there really such thing as a blood transfusion for dogs? Yes, dogs suffering from severe blood loss or blood diseases can receive blood transfusions from another healthy dog to help them recover. … Trump: Stop Regulating Poisoned Dog Food Shared byJulie Reed thedailybeast.com – Donald Trump often suggests that dogs can be fired. But who could have guessed that he would come out against safe food for all those unemployed canines? In an official fact sheet that was pulled off… Is This The ManRead More

Narcotics Dog in Lancaster


This is a local story of a Narcotics Detection Dog I feel needs to be shared.  2019 was a busy year in Lancaster, PA! K-9 Bear, a chocolate Lab who works with the Lancaster County Drug Task Force, just wrapped his busiest year ever as a narcotics detection dog. Bear has been working with the Drug Task Force since December 2017 under the care and guidance of handler, Detective Anthony Lombardo. Bear conducts preliminary searches of houses and vehicles in connection with Task Force investigations. If Bear “hits” on a location, that alerts detectives that illegal drugs are nearby. BearRead More

Daily Dog News 01-30-2020

Doggone Daily Newsletter Helpful information for pet owners, ala the Internet. Thursday, Jan. 30, 2020 Dog left looking like fur rug by cruel owners is rescued in Germany Shared byDaily Mail Online dailymail.co.uk – This mass of matted fur is actually a living dog left with open wounds, an injured leg, festering ears as well as several tumours and a slipped disc. She was found in the town of Voelklingen which is… Is owning a dog good for your health? Shared byLou Enstone theguardian.com – Dogs really are our best friends, according to a Swedish study that says canine ownership could reduce heart disease.Read More

Sailor Dog

sailor dog

Once the weather warms up, boaters and dog lovers will head back out on the water. It can be a lot of fun to have your best furry buddy by your side while you enjoy the surf and sun as the wind blows through your hair, but it’s also important to make sure your canine companion is safe. This “Sailor Dog” Maggie the Welsh Terrier has apparently mastered her sea legs after riding on boats with her fisherman owner, swaying in rhythm to the ebb and flow of the sea. Too cute! Here are some safety tips for boating withRead More

Daily Dog News 01-29-2020

Doggone Daily Newsletter Helpful information for pet owners, ala the Internet. Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2020 Parrot prevention Shared byAfrican Grey Parrot african-parrot.com – Keep your parrot’s wings trimmed to prevent her from being able to fly free in your home. Supervise your pet when she’s out of her cage. Watch young parrots carefully because they are more clumsy tha… Man in Germany contracts coronavirus in one of first cases of transmission outside China – Reuters Shared byCVN reuters.com – BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany has declared its first confirmed case of the coronavirus after a 33-year-old man contracted it from a colleague visiting his workplaceRead More

Doggone Daily News Archive 01-28-2020

Doggone Daily Newsletter Helpful information for pet owners, ala the Internet. Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020 Sushi the one year old cat | Pete the Vet Shared byPete Wedderburn petethevet.com – Cara has always been concerned about the environment; she has a doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering, and has worked on a wide range of environmental issues in Ireland, from water quali… Here’s How Much Money Westminster Dog Show Winners Earn Shared byReader’s Digest rd.com – The 113th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will take place in NYC’s Madison Square Garden on February 10 and 11, and you can bet your kibble thatRead More