Halloween Costume For Your Pet

Anyone who likes to dress up loves Halloween and you can bet pets and pet-parents are no exception! Whatever your style might be, there’s no shortage of costumes. But how do you choose a Halloween costume for your pet?- Halloween Costume For Your Pet Outer space outfits or anything trending in human fashion are also Read More

“Bazooka” Dog Ball Launcher Toy

BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher Toy I can’t wait to get this “Bazooka” toy for my dog (ha-ha you know it’s actually for me)! Artemis can’t get enough of chasing a tennis ball. This will surly give her some exercise! I love the thought of able to aim it a certain direction since my ‘pitching’ accuracy Read More

Dog Dental Disease

Do you try to brush your dog’s teeth to try and prevent dog dental disease or because it has bad breath? It’s not easy, their teeth are pointy! Veterinarians believe in brushing every day but it’s a tough chore to brush your dog’s teeth every day. Two reasons I don’t do it comes to mind Read More