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Limited-Time Exclusive Vaporizer for Flower & Concentrate by Tommy Chong


This new TOMMY CHONG VAPES ARIA Kit combines an award-winning Aria vaporizer for flower & concentrate with exclusive Tommy Chong themed packaging. Included are matching themed glass flower & concentrate jars and one-of-a-kind dab tool.

Dual Use Vaporizer – for both Dry Herb and Concentrate

NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS: Estimated To Ship In 10 Days

Tommy Chong and XVAPE (who we are a sales affiliate of have come together and branded a device considered to be the highest rated hand dual use vaporizer on the market today. The Aria is a masterpiece of form, function, and high fashion. The Aria features a high speed heat up time with 100% isolated airflow so it provides some of the best tasting flavor available in a portable unit.

Vaporizer for Flower & Concentrate

The XVAPE Aria stands out as being a rugged companion. Built with exquisite craftsmanship, comfortable form, and functional design.

Dual use Vaporizer for Flower & Concentrate

Solid Construction

With the introduction of the Aria dry herb and concentrate vaporizer, XVAPE achieved the highest levels of build quality by choosing higher end materials and precision designs instead of using weaker plastics.

Isolated Airflow

Many people love the taste of various concentrates. A vaporizer that can pass the flavor on to you is often highly sought after. XVAPE vaporizers preserve flavors with their signature airflow isolation design. No more bad taste!

Limited Edition

A vape with perfect flavor delivery, matched with the iconic celebrity of Tommy Chong, the Tommy Chong Vape Aria is guaranteed winner. This special edition contains limited edition Tommy Chong Accessories like a one of a kind dab tool and flower and concentrate jars, as well as all the original Aria accessories to complete this  legendary kit.

“The XVape Aria is 100% unique in its construction and stands head and shoulders above anything else at its price point.”

Tommy Chong Vapes
Included with every order!

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Originally published April 19, 2019
Updated: January. 4, 2021


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