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My Dog Loves This Laser Cat Toy

We saw an automatic laser cat toy at a neighbors house and let Artemis play with it. OMG it is the funniest thing ever, she acts just like a cat! We had to order one for our dog.

Just like a cat, our dog Artemis is tantalized by this toy. She literally runs around circles chasing it. It seems to invoke her hunting skills, too funny. Check out this video I just recorded.

This is the best, I laugh out loud watching our dog chase the light. It is great trail-wagging exercise! You will not regret picking this crazy toy up for your dog or cat!

PetSafe Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy
PetSafe Zoom Rotating Laser Cat Toy

How does a laser-light toy work?

There are several makes to choose from but they all basically work the same. There is a low wattage laser light that spins in a random pattern and shuts off after 15 minuets. Buy this laser toy today at Chewy.com!

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Originally posted on September 20, 2020 @ 8:28 am

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