There are several ways you can help keep your dog warm in cold weather:

Insulated Shelter

  • Provide a warm, insulated shelter: Make sure your dog has a warm, dry place to sleep that is protected from the wind and cold. A dog house or other insulated shelter is ideal.

Dog Heating Pad

  • Use a heating pad or blanket: You can use a heating pad or electric blanket to help keep your dog warm in its shelter. Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep the pad or blanket away from your dog’s face.
Dog heating pad

More Meals

  • Increase the frequency of meals: Feeding your dog slightly more during cold weather can help increase their energy levels and metabolism, which will help them stay warm.
dog eating dinner

Warm Dog Sweaters

  • Use a coat or sweater: If your dog is short-haired or has thin fur, consider dressing them in a coat or sweater to help keep them warm. Look for a coat or sweater that fits well and covers your dog’s chest and belly.
Dog Sweater

Increased Exercise

  • Please keep your dog active: Regular exercise will help your dog stay warm by increasing its metabolism and circulation. Just be sure to take appropriate safety precautions when exercising your dog in cold weather, such as using a leash and avoiding slippery surfaces.
snow dog

Limited Outdoor Time

  • Limit your dog’s time outside: If the weather is extremely cold, it is best to limit your dog’s time outside to brief potty breaks and exercise sessions. When you do take your dog outside, be sure to monitor them for signs of cold stress, such as shivering or whining, and bring them back inside as soon as possible.
dogs outside in snow

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