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Healthy Gifts for Dogs

Are You Getting Your Dog A Birthday Present?

Many pet parents buy their dogs a gift for special occasions. This year, spoil your pup with healthy treats and toys. Below is a review of healthy gifts we are our loyal dog (and cat) this year.

Healthy Gifts for Dogs

Does your pup suffer from itchy, dry or sensitive skin?

Gifts to Help with Dry Skin

Here are gift ideas, good for any time of year but especially benificial now that cold dry air is here. You and and your dog will appreciate these soothing skin tonics.

EQyss Grooming Products Micro-Tek Soothing Horse Spray

This fast-acting formula soothes red, irritated skin to help relieve your horse’s or yes even your dog’s scratching, itching, biting and rubbing. Simply lightly mist this formula onto the affected areas.

Is it safe for dogs? Yes!

“Works great!!!

We have used this on our horses and our dog and it stops itching and conditions the skin very well.”

By CHEWY CUSTOMER Sue313 on Mar 17, 2020


Soothes away the awful ITCH without drugs or immune-suppressing corticosteroids.

Hot spots on dogs can be agonizing for the dog and frustrating for the dog lover. These red, blotchy, inflamed areas commonly affect dogs (and sometimes cats) and can deteriorate dangerously fast if left untreated.

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CBD Benefits for Pets

CBD offers unparalleled support for your dog’s endocannabinoid system, helping them cope with pain, inflammation, anxiety, and more. To ensure your pup’s safety this product is THC-Free. THC is the chemical in marijuana that causes a euphoric reaction.

Organic CBD Oil Broad Spectrum (0.0% THC) Tincture for Pets

USDA Certified Organic Pet CBD Oil Tincture is made with only two premium ingredients: organic olive oil and organic broad spectrum hemp extract.

  • Increased mobility for mature animals or animals suffering from arthritis or hip issues
  • Creates a sense of calm especially common for rescue dogs but can also help dogs adjusting to new home environments or simply high strung
  • Increases appetite and reduces nausea and vomiting

CBD Dog Treats for Health

Talk about healthy gifts for dogs! Give your furry friend the benefits of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Our beef flavored CBD Dog Treats are formulated with water-soluble CBD powder and other premium ingredients, providing superior results in a tasty, dog-approved chew.

Talk about healthy gifts for dogs!

By Joy Organics

View the most recent Certificates of Analysis for all Joy Organics products here.

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Shelter Donations

You can donate products directly to a shelter or rescue of your choice by purchasing items from their Wish List.
By Chewy.com

It’s Never Been Easier To Give Back

You can donate products directly to a shelter or rescue of your choice by purchasing items from their Wish List.

*Search NOW for a shelter or rescue in the Chewy Gives Back Network.

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