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Artemis! 1 yr 6 mo.

Dogs have a special place in my heart. They make me laugh, calm me down and they never fail to show me unconditional love. My newest dog (puppy) has this natural ability to sense when I need a break from the computer or will come ask fore hug when she can tell I am the one who needs a hug! Like so many “Staffi’s” she is kind and incredibly smart. Looking forward to the rest of my life with her.

Reward your pal with a toy or treat today!

Dog Treats

I can always find what I’m looking for when shopping at Chewy. In addition if there is ever any question, Chewy’s customer support is hands down the best. They have biscuits, cookies and crunchy treats along with soft and chewy treats or treats to help your dog with dental hygiene.

Treats for your dogs and puppies.

Dog Toys & Chew Toys

Keep your dog active with toys designed to provide exercise and stimulation. Some you can even hide treats inside! Artemis like peanut butter inside the red chew toy pictured below. There are many kinds of chew toys, plush toys, fetch toys, even rope & tug-of-war toys.

Keep your pup active with fun toys.

Technology for Dogs!

Wow! Check the latest tech for your dog. Bring her to the 21st century with cameras, monitors and GPS tracking. New and improved automatic feeders and electronically activated doors can help make your life easier.

Check out these gadgets!

Grooming & Beauty Tips

Keep your dog’s coat looking beautiful with hair and skin care products. Also look into the newest formulations for eye care and relief for hip & joint pain.

Grooming care and beauty products.

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Surprise someone with a gift personalized with a picture their favorite pet! There are calendars, stationary, and coffee mugs sure to please a special person in your life with an affinity towards dogs.

Gifts for dog lovers.

Dog Food

Choose from products offered by 100’s of dog food producers. Formulations for skin care or other health needs to special diets for puppies you will find it at Chewy.com. Dry food, wet food, raw food or veterinary plans to care for your canine’s health.

Veterinary diet plans and food for dogs.

Flea & Tick Control

Relief from fleas and ticks for your furry friends. These blood thirsty pests will take any opportunity to feed on our pets. Protect them during the summer months from bites and potential disease with collars, oral treatments, spot treatments, and shampoo.

Control ticks and fleas on your dog and in your home.
Control ticks and fleas on your dog.

Collars & Leashes

Please note: We support the use of collars but Harnesses are comfortable for every dog and have positive health benefits for many. With such a wide range of choices and styles, there is something for every dog big or small. 

Dog collars and leashes
Dog ID tags and collars.


I’ve posted many pictures and videos of Artemis around site. Here she is playing with a hilarious “Giggle Ball” and here she is chasing a laser toy originally made for cats but loved by dogs!

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Treats For All Your Family Pets
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