1. The CBD Products were not purchased from a reputable source
It seems like everybody is selling CBD products now and it is not uncommon these days to find a CBD display at the gas station or at your local drug store – or like in my town, even at a local gun shop!  However please note CBD products sold in stores like these are more likely not to be top-of-the-line products.  Do your homework and make sure you are purchasing quality CBD.

You should buy only from health practitioners or direct from companies specializing in producing high quality CBD products. One such company is Joy Organics!  Jupe’s Treats is proud to be affiliated with this trending company. Take advantage of our Labor Day sale!
Vegan CBD Strawberry Gummies
2. The product is not lab tested
A clear sign that a CBD product isn’t top quality originates with the manufacturer. Consumers should always evaluate the labels of any CBD product before purchasing. The ingredients should be clearly listed and there will usually be a batch identifier on the label with clear, direct links leading to lab results.

Joy Organics brand of CBD products feature all of the above. In fact, all the results of independent third party testing can be found here: View Joy’s certificates of analysis.
3. They are taking the wrong cannabinoids
There are three types of CBD (cannabidiol) extracts – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and CBD Isolate. It is important to know which works best for you because many people seem to find better relief from the “entourage effect” of cannabinoids. This means each cannabinoid has properties that may enhance the effect of others’ – when used together.

Frankly, most people rely on the process of trial-and-error to find the best treatment. While this will cost a little more upfront, it’s better to try a range of different products to see which works best for you. But wait! Take Joy Organics quiz to start out with the best option! Which CBD is right for you? Or try a Mommy Bundle gift pack!
4. Improper dosage amount or method of consumption
Just like some people need to take vitamins in a liquid form to absorb them, some forms of CBD may not work as well on one person as another. This means that a friend may need to take a higher or lower dose than you before feeling a sense of wellness. Or you may find the capsules work better while a friend may prefer an oil based tincture.  A good place to start is with the wold’s best source for Hemp based products.
5. Only taking CBD as needed
The number one mistake most people make with CBD is taking it only when they feel they need it. While eating a few gummies at the first sign of pain may help, it is important for your body to be fully supplemented for ongoing relief. This means CBD should be taken every day like a supplement.  For a boost of relief on bad days, you can add additional doses as needed but most of us find taking CBD twice a day keeps us feeling better throughout the day. 
Don’t take the naysayers at their word. Share this page with them instead and help them become believers! Use the above information to make up your own mind on whether or not CBD works for you. Joy Organics CBD is pharmaceutical-grade, physician approved, locally sourced, and lab-tested.

Browse Joy Organics full selection of CBD products and services online at www.joyorganics.com.

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