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BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher Toy

“Bazooka” Dog Ball Launcher Toy

BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher Toy

I can’t wait to get this “Bazooka” toy for my dog (ha-ha you know it’s actually for me)! Artemis can’t get enough of chasing a tennis ball. This will surly give her some exercise! I love the thought of able to aim it a certain direction since my ‘pitching’ accuracy isn’t so great. Ha-ha.

BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher Toy
Gonna’ be fun!

Dog Ball Launcher Toy

Playing fetch is a great way to exercise your pup, and the OxGord BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher Toy makes it super fun. Forget about simply throwing around the old tennis ball. Now you can launch it even further as it shoots out of the cannon for your pup to retrieve. This upgraded fetch toy includes two squeaky balls and has room to store two more standard tennis balls. It’s lightweight and you can even adjust the distance the ball will travel

Great Value

  • Includes two squeaky balls and works with standard tennis balls so its very versatile.
  • Extra storage for more tennis balls for a quick throw and easy reloading.
  • Pull back the rear rod for travel distance adjustment.
  • Made with rigorous quality control and intense attention to details with convenient shoulder strap for easy transportation.
  • Lightweight, durable design with hands free pick up. It’ll be a favorite of you and your pup in no time
Intense Dog Ball Launcher Toy

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Originally posted on October 2, 2020 @ 9:35 am

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