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Pet Halloween
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Halloween Costume For Your Pet

Anyone who likes to dress up loves Halloween and you can bet pets and pet-parents are no exception! Whatever your style might be, there’s no shortage of costumes. But how do you choose a Halloween costume for your pet?-

Halloween Costume For Your Pet

Outer space outfits or anything trending in human fashion are also a good fit for pets too. Of course there’s always classics like a cat pumpkin costume or a princess costume or any number of superheroes.

See below for some great hand made costumes. Made in the USA by Pet Krewe Pet Costumes

Bling For Your Pets

Dog Costume

Here’s how to pick the best cat Halloween costumes for your den of spooky animals. Think about these questions:

Pet Krewe Pirate Costume for Dogs

•           What size is your pet? Smaller cats fit well in most costumes, but bigger cats have longer legs and bigger movements, so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing a costume. The same is true for dogs. Make sure you check the sizing guides since different brands have different sizing standards.

•           Is your pet comfortable wearing clothing? If your he or she has happily worn a costume, raincoat or dress in the past, you can feel pretty confident they will tolerate wearing a

If this is a new experience for your pet, you may want to start small with a festive Halloween cat bandanna or a simple costume with fewer elements.

•           What’s your cat’s personality? Any fashionista knows it takes confidence to pull off a glamour shot. Play into your cat’s personality when choosing a Halloween costume for them.

•           What’s cat your cat look like? Make the most of your cat’s Halloween look by taking their natural appearance into consideration. For example, a fluffy cats’ plush fur may enhance a lion or teddy bear costume.

To get started be sure to check out these hand made costumes. Made in the USA!

Dog Costume
Pet Costume

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Pet Krewe Pet Costumes

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