What to Look for in a CBD Certificate of Analysis?

What to Look for in a CBD Certificate of Analysis?

 Certificate of Analysis, or COA, is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the number of various cannabinoids in a product. Manufacturers should send every batch of every product they make to a lab for testing, to protect their customers and prove that their products have as much CBD as they advertise.

  1. Less CBD Than AdvertisedThis is more common than you would think … in fact, we were once tricked by this! What you might see is something like “500mg CBD” on the product label. But don’t take the label at face value! Make sure the COA says the same amount as the label does.
  1. Make Sure The CBD Is Full SpectrumNever take the label at face value! Sometimes CBD is an isolate. Isolate means there is no THC in the product. And it will also lack important cannabinoids and terpenes found in desired products.

    So how do you find out if your CBD is from isolate? The product will only contain CBD and no other cannabinoids. Stay away from these products.

  1. Make Sure There’s Not Too Much THCIf your dog’s CBD contains more than 0.03% THC, it’s probably marijuana and not hemp. It’s not legal and your dog won’t enjoy the psychoactive effects. But you also want to avoid products with NO THC. If there is none, then your dog’s CBD is from isolate … and the health benefits will be fewer.
  1. Only Trust Third-Party TestsYour dog’s CBD should be tested by a third-party lab. Once again, never take the manufacturer’s word that the product is of high quality. The CBD industry is unregulated and it leaves you vulnerable to poor products.
  1. Know Where Your Dog’s CBD Oil Is GrownYou need to know where and how the hemp is grown that is used to make the CBD oil. And this plays a huge role in those test results you see in the COA.

Always look for an organic product to reduce any environmental toxin risks. You want to know that the soil and water it’s grown in is as clean as possible.

This is because hemp plants are really good sponges and can absorb contaminants as they grow. And this is why heavy metal toxicity can be a concern when looking at CBD oils.

So be sure that you check that COA for any test results that show the product may have contaminants.

Do your research and so you can buy the best CBD oil for your dog.

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