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Annual Joy-Day Sale

Joy Organics

Give yourself the gift of CBD and give back to Ugandan schools! For every product ordered, $4.88 goes to Ugandan school in support of their lunch program. Note, it is on every product you order, not just one for the entire order. Why $4.88? This amount provides two lunches every school day to a child in Uganda. It’s that time of year again. Time for our Second Annual Joy Day. Joy Day is our biggest sale of the year! We are celebrating our amazing founder, Joy Smith’s birthday! Grab the details below. Get ready for amazing conversions and commissionsRead More

Interesting Facts about Reptiles & Amphibians


Reptiles & amphibians species increased their numbers to 11,136 in December of 2019!  Way too many to cover here but below are some facts on the most common. Common Reptile Species 356 species of turtles 25 species of crocodilians 3,600+ species of snakes 4,675 species of lizards 7,000+ species of amphibians 2 species of rhynchocephalians. Most Reptiles & Amphibians are carnivores and eat whole prey or insects. Some reptiles (adult green iguanas, for example), are herbivores and eat green plants. Reptiles and amphibians are cold-blooded, or “ectothermic,” animals, which means that they depend on external sources, such as the sun,Read More

Narcotics Dog in Lancaster


This is a local story of a Narcotics Detection Dog I feel needs to be shared.  2019 was a busy year in Lancaster, PA! K-9 Bear, a chocolate Lab who works with the Lancaster County Drug Task Force, just wrapped his busiest year ever as a narcotics detection dog. Bear has been working with the Drug Task Force since December 2017 under the care and guidance of handler, Detective Anthony Lombardo. Bear conducts preliminary searches of houses and vehicles in connection with Task Force investigations. If Bear “hits” on a location, that alerts detectives that illegal drugs are nearby.Read More

Sailor Dog

sailor dog

Once the weather warms up, boaters and dog lovers will head back out on the water. It can be a lot of fun to have your best furry buddy by your side while you enjoy the surf and sun as the wind blows through your hair, but it’s also important to make sure your canine companion is safe. This “Sailor Dog” Maggie the Welsh Terrier has apparently mastered her sea legs after riding on boats with her fisherman owner, swaying in rhythm to the ebb and flow of the sea. Too cute! Here are some safety tips for boatingRead More

Pet Cloning

dog clones

There is a lot of pet cloning going on in the world today, including the cloning of the family pet. Much of it is done in the United States by for-profit businesses serving the farming, Armed Services, and even the horse racing industry! Would you clone your pet? This is an interesting question but before we can decide on whether or not we would clone our pets, we should gather some information to help make a good decision. Let’s start by looking into the history of cloning. Meet “Dolly” Pet Cloning “Little Nicky” Little Nicky (born October 17, 2004) isRead More

A Great Picture of Your Dog

great dane black lab mix sitting on a picnic table

Do you find it hard to get a great picture of your dog? You are not alone! There are some proven methods of obtaining a great candid photo of your dog. Try one of these simple ideas the next time cuteness calls! Get down on your dog’s level. You could say the below photo was just being in the right place at the right time but I down on the ground and called him towards me. Consider Your Pet’s Personality. Before you start photographing your pet ask yourself “what sets Pooch apart from other animals?” Try getting a photoRead More

Life With Dogs

Artemis the Pit Bull

We are all lucky to live a life with dogs. Even the kid who “hates” his dog because it requires so many chores. Feeding, grooming, picking up after, and the epitome; poop scooping. The kid didn’t know it at the time but he was learning core responsibilities and gaining valuable life experiences. The kid was me! A life with dogs is a lot of work but can be very rewarding. Here are most of the dogs I’ve cared for and learned from in my life so far. Sabrina This peculiar Great Dane exhibited a curios behavior: she would letRead More