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Interesting Look at Strikingly Beautiful Butterflies!

I must not be the only one who likes Butterflies as this post about them remains my top visited page. I have never seen such a beautiful butterfly as the one pictured here. Migrating Butterflies! Butterflies are so much fun to watch as they seem to flutter around without a care in the world. Hard…

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Pet Cloning

There is a lot of pet cloning going on in the world today, including the cloning of the family pet. Much of it is done in the United States by for-profit businesses serving the farming, Armed Services, and even the horse racing industry! Would you clone your pet? This is an interesting question but before…

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5 Birthday Ideas For Your Cat’s Special Day

Our friends think we are little nuts when we tell them we are throwing a birthday party for our cat. Doesn’t everyone? Celebrating your cat’s birthday can be fun for both you and your furry family member, especially if you have kids that can join in the fun. Here are 5 birthday ideas for cats to help…

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How Can I Bring My Good Dog to a Dog Park Amidst COVID-19

Can I Take My Dog To A Dog Park? Going to dog park with your pooch is great because they need socialization and exercise.  This is especially important for those of us living in an apartment or under the rules of a Home Owners Association. Being allowed some freedom to run is an important part…

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Mystical Cat Toys For Fun

Cat toys come and go but these “Mystical Playmates” sure look special and able to generate a lot of fun. Not only do they keep your kitty active, these whimsical characters help spur your and your cat’s imagination! Dragon Toy How cute is this? I feel creative already as I picture our cat dancing with…

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Interesting Facts about Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles & amphibians species increased their numbers to 11,136 in December of 2019!  Way too many to cover here but below are some facts on the most common. Common Reptile Species Most Reptiles & Amphibians are carnivores and eat whole prey or insects. Some reptiles (adult green iguanas, for example), are herbivores and eat green plants….

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Narcotics Dog in Lancaster

This is a local story of a Narcotics Detection Dog I feel needs to be shared.  2019 was a busy year in Lancaster, PA! K-9 Bear, a chocolate Lab who works with the Lancaster County Drug Task Force, just wrapped his busiest year ever as a narcotics detection dog. Bear has been working with the…

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My 1st Dog

Sabrina had a huge heart and I was lucky that I was her favorite, although she was very patient with others too. Here is a picture of my young cousin sitting on her! Just looking at these photos makes me smile. My fondness for dogs started early, here I am with two Collie pups at…

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Lakeside Fun

A great way to spend some time with your dog is at a lake. We took advantage of the good weather last weekend and went to Lake Codurus in York County. This fun mini-excursion provided fresh air and some good playtime exercise, along with new sights and sounds for our puppy. On our first visit…

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About Us

Hello! The purpose of “Jupe’s Treats” is to honor the memory of our dog Jupiter and the other great dogs we’ve rescued and cared for over the years.  In doing so we hope to impart some wisdom we have picked up along the way to help you with your rescue dog! From care and feeding…

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What Are Good Flea Treatments to Exterminate Pesky Undesirable Fleas?

Flea Treatments: Fleas are annoying pests that can really get on your nerves. They bite not only their animal hosts, but the humans in the area too.

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