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World Bear Day

How to Crate Train a Pitbull For Safety & Peace of Mind

It is a good idea to crate train your Pitbull for while you are out of the house. This will keep her safe from dangers such as chewing electric wires.

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Awesome Benefits of Owning a Pitbull

Imagine you had an exhausting, long day at work and arrive home tired and exhausted. But there is your happy pup with a wagging tail and a big smile as you open the door. For me this is easily one of the best Benefits of Owning a Pitbull

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Announcing New Over The Counter Medicated Pet Grooming Products

We are excited to discuss the value of these medicated pet grooming products because we feel the world needs a new holistic approach to the health of our pets.

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How To Uplift Your Mood & Benefit From a Therapy Dog

Once you have a dog, you’ll know that there’s nothing quite like a snuggle on the sofa while binge watching your favorite show

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How To Help Neighbors Overcome The Fear of Your Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are definitely one of the most misunderstood dog of breeds. Many people believe these beautiful dogs are mean spirited and aren’t capable of being “man’s best friend”

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Perfect Laser Cat Toy for Dogs

We saw an automatic laser cat toy at a neighbor’s house and let Artemis play with it. OMG, it is the funniest thing ever, she acts just like a cat! Artemis is tantalized by this toy and runs around in circles chasing it. It seems to invoke her hunting skills, too funny. Valoni Laser Cat…

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Interesting Look at Strikingly Beautiful Butterflies!

I must not be the only one who likes Butterflies as this post about them remains my top visited page. I have never seen such a beautiful butterfly as the one pictured here. Migrating Butterflies! Butterflies are so much fun to watch as they seem to flutter around without a care in the world. Hard…

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Pet Cloning

There is a lot of pet cloning going on in the world today, including the cloning of the family pet. Much of it is done in the United States by for-profit businesses serving the farming, Armed Services, and even the horse racing industry! Would you clone your pet? This is an interesting question but before…

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5 Birthday Ideas For Your Cat’s Special Day

Our friends think we are little nuts when we tell them we are throwing a birthday party for our cat. Doesn’t everyone? Celebrating your cat’s birthday can be fun for both you and your furry family member, especially if you have kids that can join in the fun. Here are 5 birthday ideas for cats to help…

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How Can I Bring My Good Dog to a Dog Park Amidst COVID-19

Can I Take My Dog To A Dog Park? Going to dog park with your pooch is great because they need socialization and exercise.  This is especially important for those of us living in an apartment or under the rules of a Home Owners Association. Being allowed some freedom to run is an important part…

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