Pet Cloning

There is a lot of pet cloning going on in the world today, including the cloning of the family pet. Much of it is done in the United States by for-profit businesses serving the farming, Armed Services, and even the horse racing industry! Would you clone your pet? This is an interesting question but before Read More

A Pet For Jupe

Pretty funny how my pet blog attracts visitors looking for a children’s book! If this applies to you, the link to the book is below. You’re welcome! It’s a good book for children just learning to read. Here is the website: Raz-Kids “Reading is FUNdamental! Daily News for Pet Owners News for Pet Owners is Read More

Artemis aka “Little Bear”

Introducing our new family member, a super intelligent American Staffordshire Terrier (mix). As of this writing she is 1 year old. Artemis already exceeds the height and weight guidelines of the AKC. I suppose this is evidence towards her being a mixed breed but with what? She stands at 18 inches and weighs 53 pounds. Read More