How to Crate Train Your Dog For Safety & Peace of Mind

It is a good idea to crate train your dog for while you are out of the house. This will keep them safe from dangers such as chewing electric wires or getting into poisonous substances. It can also protect your furniture and other belongings from being chewed up. We lost eyeglasses, shoes and even record Read More

Healthy Gifts for Dogs

Are You Getting Your Dog A Birthday Present? Many pet parents buy their dogs a gift for special occasions. This year, spoil your pup with healthy treats and toys. Below is a review of healthy gifts we are our loyal dog (and cat) this year. Healthy Gifts for Dogs Does your pup suffer from itchy, Read More

How Can I Protect My Dog In Cold Weather?

Please do not leave your pets outside when cold weather approaches. Dogs (and cats) can get frostbite and hypothermia when it is extremely cold out. Of course, exercise and the mental stimulation of being outdoors can play a key role to help your dog in cold weather. Here are some things to remember when it turns Read More