December 5, 2020

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WobbleWag Dog Toy

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Giggle ball dog toy.

Giggle ball dog toy.

WobbleWag Dog Toy

This toy actually “giggles” as its gets bumped around the room. I think its the best dog toy ever! Its hilarious to me that it sounds kind of annoyed. Its taunting my dog!

WobbleWag Giggle Ball Video

Artemis & Her WobbleWag Dog Toy

My dog Artemis and the toy are featured in the above video from earlier today. Easily the most entertaining indoor activity for our dog we’ve ever seen!

No kidding, this dog toy is funny.

Dog playing with a toy
Best toy I have ever seen!

Click here to buy a WobbleWag Giggle Here!

Make no mistake the WobbleWag dog toy is not soothing! Your furry pal will raise a little dust batting this around the house! But well worth it!

As a bonus she won’t be able to chew it up either and batteries are not required


Get more information and current pricing on but the last I checked it was $8.74 which is what I paid and well worth it.

Chewy price for WobbleWag Giggle tou.
Great Value!

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