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Our 1st Cat “Midnight”

When my wife and I bought our fist house, she was able to bring her Persian cat home. Thus beginning a life with cats. She was awesome and all but I have cat allergies. Plus, a long-haired cat can be a little high maintenance.

Have a look around and find the cat supplies your Princess will purr over.

Treats for Cats

Your cat will love the crunchy treats, or if your cat is older she might prefer soft & chewy treats. Spice up kitty’s play-time with some catnip!

Toys & Teasers for Cats

Go on a treasure hunt to find an incredible toy for your cat. The new interactive & electronic toys will keep your cat busy for hours! There are teasers you can control or balls & chasers for self-play. Believe it or not some cats actually like to chew and there is a large selection of chew toys for cats!

Cat Food & Toppings

Your cat needs to eat so why not make it easy on yourself with free auto-shipping and delivery. Never run out even if feed your cat raw food! Choose from wet or dry food, veterinary diets or even tasty food toppings for picky eaters.

Cat Litter, Litter Boxes

We all know owning a cat or two includes a chore or two. 😉 Make clean up easy with new innovative litter boxes and even waste disposal systems.

Great for Apartments!

Flea & Tick Control

Many cats are allowed outside like ours. Protect them from fleas & ticks with safe products such as collars, oral or spot treatments, shampoos, sprays & wipes. You can even order your veterinarian prescribed Rx online for added convenience.

Cleaning Supplies

These training and cleaning supplies will also help make it easier to care for and clean up after your cat. Accidents happen so keep on hand a good deodorizer and stain remover. Also repellents and training aids to help teach your kitten where to not mark a territory!

Calming Aids

Is your cat high-strung or does she seem stressed out at times? Loud noises or too many distractions can elevate stress levels in cats just like it can with people. Consider a calming aid such as a CBD Infused Treat for your cat.

Daily News for Pet Owners

News for Pet Owners is filled with articles and stories contributed by writers from around the world! Updated with new stories every day!

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Treats For All Your Family Pets
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