Joy’s Anniversary Sale has ended but thank you for two amazing years! Read on to learn why I support the CBD industry and specifically why Joy Organics has the best CBD and Hemp Oil products.

Best Hemp Oil Available

When I first wanted to try CBD products I naturally did my research. After all, I was a data analyst for 20+ years. So now it was time to comb through uncharted data and determine for myself who had the best available hemp oil. I read through a lot of material and additionally sampled products from a different hemp based CBD oil producers.

My Experience With CBD

After trying products in the form drinks, capsules and oils from different providers and comparing alternative manufacturing processes, I settled on Joy Organics.  I love the CBD energy drink.It has the caffeine boost like from a strong cup of coffee but the CBD gives a feeling of well-being as opposed to the stomach ache I get with coffee.

I believe Joy’s products are effective because of the superior quality of BROAD SPECTRUM hemp products they use along with their use of technology to increase the extract’s bio-availability to the body.  Using their unique 7-step process, Joy provides the highest quality hemp-based product MADE IN THE USA today.

What Others Say About Joy’s Hemp Oil

from Nana Frog via ########
date Thu, Jul 16, 9:06 AM 

Hello, Jupe’s Treats. Thank you for introducing us to Joy Organics! Going through the “change of life” has not been an easy road for me to travel.  You may know the common symptoms of Menopause include hot flashes, weight gain, anxiety and depression.  For me, the hot flashes are the biggest problem which also causes my sleep disturbances. I tried Joy Organics CBD w/Melatonin and have to say it is the only product I have ever tried that actually helps me get some sleep. Ever!

CBD w/Melatonin has consistently given me two to three extra hours of sleep every night.  Sleep is good!

Thank you again and take care!

-Thank you “Nana Frog” for this great endorsement, I appreciate it!

Thank you “Nana Frog” for this great endorsement, I appreciate it!

“We aim to take charge of the industry with radical transparency and the highest quality natural products. Care in every step equals a difference you can feel.”

Learn more about Joy’s 7-step process here:

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