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When I first wanted to try CBD products I naturally did my research. After all, I was a data analyst for 20+ years. So now it was time to comb through uncharted data and determine for myself who had the best available hemp oil. I read through a lot of material and additionally sampled products from a different hemp based CBD oil producers.

My Experience

After trying products in the form drinks, capsules and oils from different providers and comparing alternative manufacturing processes, I settled on Joy Organics.  I love the CBD energy drink.It has the caffeine boost like from a strong cup of coffee but the CBD gives a feeling of well-being as opposed to the stomach ache I get with coffee.

My wife, Michelle swears by the Joy Organics sleep-aid. It's the ONLY melatonin supplement that helps her sleep. We have a list of other Joy Organic's products here. My list of Joy's products.

I believe Joy’s products are effective because of the superior quality of BROAD SPECTRUM hemp products they use along with their use of technology to increase the extract's bio-availability to the body.  Using their unique 7-step process, Joy provides the highest quality hemp-based product MADE IN THE USA today.

Learn more about Joy's 7-step process here:

From Joy Organics

"We aim to take charge of the industry with radical transparency and the highest quality natural products. Care in every step equals a difference you can feel."

What Others Say About Joy's Hemp Oil

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