December 5, 2020

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Benefits of Having a Good Dog

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Good Dogs
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The Real Benefits of Having a Very Good Dog

We do not have a family dog. Chalk it up to lack of time, money, space, and desire to have a family dog. But we are dog people. My wife grew up in a pack of yellow labs and I co-habitated as a child …

Shared by Morris Animal Refuge 2020

Parasites & Worms: What Every Pet Owner Needs To Know

What course of action should you take, how serious is it, how did this happen? All these questions and more are coursing through your mind. As a responsible pet owner, you have taken precautions to m…

Shared by Tricia Casper

Adopt Your New Best Friend

At the Morris Animal Refuge, we know that you want to do the right thing by choosing adoption and saving a life. It is our objective to find out as much about your wants and hopes for a pet as well a…

Shared by Morris Animal Refuge 2020


Hepatic Encephalopathy in Cats

Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) is a degenerative disease of the brain caused by severe hepatic insufficiency in advanced liver disease. It is characterized by abnormal mental status, an altered state of…

Shared by Newt Liver Shunt Cat

Guests At The Door: Managing Your Dog’s Greeting Behavior

However sweet and loving your dog is, no one likes to have a dog jump up to greet them. Few people anticipate such problems, yet they are common among dog owners, especially those with newly adopted …

Shared by Pet

VIDEO: Angus grave-diggers to fine pet owners £80 after rise in cemetery dog poops – The Courier

Grave diggers will soon be able to issue on-the-spot fines to dog owners who allow their animals to desecrate Angus cemeteries. Staff from parks and cemeteries are to be trained so they have the powe…

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These dogs and their owners are matches made in … you tell us

Gather 100 dogs in a conga line and you have a Dog Parade. So it was Friday morning at the Minneapolis Convention Center, as that many pooches and more, including 39 sporting breeds, pranced and pree…

Shared by Signature Concepts

Primal Marrow Bones Review – Keeping Safe with Raw Bones

Raw feeding may be one of the most talked about, yet least understood topics in the pet industry. While it seems simple on the surface, there’s a lot to learn to make sure that you are providing adeq…

Shared by MyDogLikes

Some human foods are good for your pets –

Living with my grandparents in Nkawkaw at an early stage in my life, I realized that in Ghana our dogs eat after us most of the time, yes we often feed them our leftovers. But when I grew up I notice…

Shared by Ameyaw Debrah

Are Dog Breeders Bad? Negative Effects of Dog Breeding | PETA

Why does PETA work so hard to take down dog breeders and puppy mills? Simple—breeding animals is killing them. Every time a breeder brings another puppy into the world, a dog sitting in a shelter los…

Shared by Ray Morris

How to maintain your dog’s health while living the van life

Van life has given many the chance to break free from traditional patterns, hit the road, and live freely and adventurously. For many, nothing could enhance this lifestyle more than bringing man’s be…

Shared by Dear Wanderlust™



Surge in popularity for native dog breeds in build-up to Brexit

Native UK dog breeds including Jack Russells and corgis saw a surge in popularity in the build-up to Brexit, the Kennel Club has said. New figures from the dog welfare charity showed half of the top …

I Found a Baby Kitten. Now What?: Step by Step Guide

It’s almost that time. It happens every year between April and October: Kitten Season. Now, if that sounds like a magical time to you, I get it. Who doesn’t love adorable fluffy kittens? A post share…

Shared by Sidewalk Angels

Why Experience Surveys Don’t Always Expose The Voice Of The Customer

Consumers are often asked to take surveys, but do they effectively measure customer experience? Getty The following is an interview from The Experience Maker show on LinkedIn Live. Mary Drumond is th…

Shared by Dan Gingiss

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