Start making memories with these warm weather, fun and unforgettable, summer activities to enjoy with your best bud.

Kick off your summer activities by sharing good times with your dog.

Summer Activities for Dogs

Run Through Water Sprinklers. 

This time-honored summer tradition never gets old.

Summer activity for dogs
Dogs love water!

Go for a Dip!

At a swimming pool, a lake, or at the beach—wherever you go to cool off, bring your dog along! Just remember to keep canine swimming safety in mind.

summer activities for dogs includes swimming
Jupiter of Jupe’s Treats thinks he’s a bear!

Catch a Drive-in Movie

Fill the back of the car with pillows and blankets to enjoy a good dog snuggle with your open-air flicks.

take your dog to a drive-in movie
Your dog is happy just spending time with you. Even at the movies!

Fly a Kite

Teaching your dog to run with a kite might take some doing! However, the running needed to get your kite in the air is exactly what your energetic dog has been waiting for all year. Sounds like fun. Let’s give it a try!

Chase Bubbles

Your pal will love to chase the shiny orbs and marvel as they disappear. This is fun for all!

bubbles are a great summer activity
Dogs love to chase bubbles.

Teach Your Dog to Skateboard

This may also take some doing, but the end results will be beyond cute and meme-worthy.

Bamboo is one talented pup who loves to skateboard while soaking in the California sunshine.

Star Gaze

My favorite! I love packing a blanket, some post-dinner refreshments and our best bud to enjoy a picnic in the cool evening air, taking in the splendor of the night skies.

Stargazing with my dog.

Check it out. Go-Pet-Friendly has a list of campgrounds with perfect dark skies for star gazing.

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Originally posted on July 23, 2021 @ 10:35 am