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Cat Beach Party
Happy Birthday kitty kat!

5 Birthday Ideas for Cats

Our friends think we are a little nuts when we tell them we are throwing a birthday party for our cat. Doesn’t everyone? Here are 5 birthday ideas for cats to help you throw the purr-fect birthday party.

Celebrating your cat’s birthday can be fun for both you and your furry family member, especially if you have kids that can join in the fun.

  • Buy Some Catnip Toys.
  • Set Up Some Extra Treats.
  • Bake Some Cat-Shaped Treats.
  • Get Everyone To Wear Cat-Ear Headbands.
  • Buy your cat a surprise goody box!
Cat Birthday Collar & Hat by Pet Krewe.

Birthday Ideas for Cats

Many of us celebrate our cat’s birthday just as we would any other family member. Hey, another excuse for a party, right?

There are many festive ways to show your cat some fun.

birthday cat sticking her tongue out
Party Cat!

Use your imagination! You will be sure to think of a few ways to pamper your cat throughout the day so it feels special.

Organize the festivities ahead of time.

Decide whether to throw a big party with family and guests or have a little celebration with just you and your cat.

Your cat may not sit still for a photo-opt but it’s fun to try! Send us a photo below!

Leave a comment below with a photo showing us your “Party Cat!”

Now go plan a party for your cat!

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Originally posted on August 11, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

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