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We love dogs and have adopted and raised a bunch and share stories and photos in the blog. We strive to post an eclectic mix of tips, news, and anecdotes on raising and care for your dogs and other kinds of pets.  We hope you enjoy our stories and find new ways to share the love of your pet!

The website is named after our dog Jupiter, a Great Dane mix, who we rescued as a puppy in 2012. He was so much fun as we participated in obedience training and demonstrations with him. “Jupe” was sorta’ the class clown. Go figure! Here is a video of Jupiter running a course.

Village Winery near Cashtown, PA.

Sadly Jupe died from cancer in 2019. 🙁

Our new dog Artemis, is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is such a cutie!

Pitbull with a ball

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Jupe’s Treats

We are developing a yummy dog treat sure to help you with training or simply as a reward for being a good doggie! In the meanwhile, we are associated with Chewy.com to give you select treats sure to please. Check out the “Jupe’s Treats” page for our current picked items your dog will love!

CBD Mania!

We are also affiliated with Joy Organics, a company offering CBD products for pets that contain the essential oils found in Marijuana and Hemp plants. These oils are believed to have many potential health benefits for our pets!

CBD Dog Treats