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We love our pets and go all out to ensure their health and well being. So we want to reccomond only what we feel are wholesome treats.

My wife Michelle & I have adopted and raised a lot of dogs over the years (not that we are old or anything wink-wink). One time we had three dogs at once along with three elementary school aged kids. Whew!

Dogs have a special place in our hearts. I like to share stories about life’s adventures with dogs on my blog named Jupe’s Journal.

Jupe’s Treats is named after one of our recent dogs, a Great Dane mix we rescued as a puppy in 2011. He was so charismatic with his expressions and he took to training very well. “Jupe” was the class clown in many obedience and agility demonstrations. He was a great dog!

Video of Jupiter & Michelle

Public agility demonstration. At a winery in PA!

Treats for Pets

We strive to review and recommend only what we feel are wholesome treats and sometimes toys that are just plain fun. Our new dog Artemis is our new official tester and trust me she opinionated!

6 month old pitbull puppy
2019 4 month old Artemis

Treats for People

We deserve rewards too, right? My favorite gift to give myself is a treat from Joy Organics. I am prone to anxiety attacks (more so lately) and their hemp based products have a calming effect on me. To learn why I feel this way read my post “Why I Believe in Joy Organics.”

Treat yourself to the soothing benefits of Joy’s hemp oil.

It comes in many forms from cream to sooth tired muscles to a delicious energy drink. Our affiliation with Joy Organics, we can provide advance notice of when products go on sale or when new products come to market. They are a company offering the highest quality CBD products.

Daily News for Pet Owners

I am proud of this newsletter because it features articles submitted by contributors every day from across the worldwide web! It will not annoy you with a pop-up asking you to subscribe. How rude! Here is a link to the daily paper: Daily News for Pet Owners

Staying home due to COVID19?

Forget about it with a warm bath infused with CBD and high quality essential lavender oils. Joy Organics Bath Bombs are amazing as a gift or for self care and I actually use them, they make for a delightfully relaxing bath.

dog taking a relaxing bath
This is totally me relaxing in a CBD & LAVENDER Bath Bomb!

Affiliate Website

Please know that in addition to hosting Jupe’s Journal, Jupe’s-Treats website is an affiliate website where I review and recommend products. As an affiliate I receive a commission on purchases made as a result of these endeavors.

Many bloggers say the commission helps pay for Internet hosting and maintenance. I view it more as a reward for providing meaningful content.

I Stand With My Affiliate!

Cute puppy-dog.

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