Sun & Moon

Something to be thankful for.

Hanging out with my dog, enjoying a beautiful evening as the sun is setting.  What a great way to relax and shed the day’s tensions! Well, I also finished mowing the lawn a bit earlier, that’s a good tension reliever too. For me anyway, except the grass was long due to the many days of rain and will to be swept tomorrow!

The fallen tree (from a previous storm) made a good chair for me. The sun setting due West of me, and the moon rising due East of me, both in the sky at the same time!

Sun and Moon sunandmoon1111111abcd sunandmoon1111111ab sunandmoon1111111a

Jupiter found a branch still growing from the fallen apple tree. He’s a dog’s dog alright!

“Tell me the story about how the Sun loved the Moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.”

This quote has captured the imagination of people worldwide. But what is the story and where did it come from? What’s the history or origin of the phrase? Who said it?*

Definitely, would have needed a super wide-angle or fish-eye lens to capture tonight’s moon and sun being in the sky at the same time. But here are a couple more East-West shots!


It couldn’t be any nicer tonight here near Gettysburg, PA.


The shingles on our shed took a beating last month in that 60 mph wind!


Jupiter still tugging on that stick!



Sun setting in the West.


Moon rising in the East.


The day is done. What a beautiful blessing to be thankful for.

*An interesting read here if you’re into it: How the Sun Loved the Moon

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Oh No Jupiter

Chicken Gets Last Laugh

Oh no, last Saturday we had Jupiter tied out on an alternate run. This one was a little higher and more taught. When a chicken teasingly strutted by, Jupiter lunged forward, and the new angle of the chain cut a tear right into his underarm.

Our Veterinarian showed me a picture of the sutures and drains needed to patch him up. Yuch!  We have to clean the drains twice a day for the nex. 5 days. The cone is needed to keep him from licking and damaging the Veterinarian’s handy work. We don’t want to have to re-do this!

Here Jupiter comes home, with the Copper in close pursuit.



Jupiter does not seem amused at the notion of his cone resembling a Martini glass but unfortunately for him, we ARE amused by his “cone of shame” resembling a Marini glass. He’ll just have to put up with us!


The cone of shame.

Jupiter not amused with his Martini cone of shame.

Jupiter is not amused.

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Bark for Life!

Our 1st Event.

Much fun was had yesterday (4/30/16) at this annual fund-raiser for The American Cancer Society.  We met and talked with lots of good people and 100’s of dogs “barked for life!”

Thank you for stopping by, let us know how your dog enjoyed the Tasty Treat!


Michelle & Jared 4/30/16

Bark for Life 1

Bark for Life2

Bark for Life Jupiter

Independent Reviews

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Cat-Friendly Dogs

We’ve all heard the phrase “they fight like cats and dogs.”

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of great dog breeds out there willing to share their beds and blankets with a good cat.

Many dog breeds are known for being good with kids are assumed to be good with cats, although not necessarily so —there is still debate in this area. Our list of cat-friendly dogs here is not perfect, but it does reflect my experience in talking with other pet owners.



This small scent hound was originally bred to be a hunter, but beagles do amazingly well with cats. While they will usually chase cats while out in the yard, they treat cats gently inside the house and will snuggle up contentedly with any cat that shares their living space.

This breed is also vocal; although they do not bark much, they do tend to howl. A lot. If you cannot handle the howling, you might look for another dog breed that will get along with your cats.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this breed tends to get overweight without exercise. If you get a beagle, make sure to exercise him daily. If already overweight, try this incredible weight loss dog food!




This great dog breed will more likely wrestle with your cat than try to do her any damage. However, most boxers are strong and lively, so they need a tough cat to play with.

Unlike the beagle, this dog can serve as a good guard dog. Boxers are also fairly easy to train and almost always respond to their owners. If you want a big dog who is good with the family and great with your cat, this breed is a good choice.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retreiver

This dog is one of the best dog breeds to own if you have kids and is also tolerant around most other pets in the household. They are excellent with cats of all sizes and ages. The golden retriever is unlikely to be rough with your cat even when playing, and, like most dogs, will just consider the cat part of his family if they are introduced while he’s still a puppy.

They are not good guard dogs but they will protect a kitten that they have decided to nurse and raise. Goldens are considered one of the easiest breeds to obedience train and are willing to do almost anything, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. If you want a great family dog, a hard worker, and a good companion, the golden is an excellent dog.



Affectionate and sensitive, the Collie might not be able to do everything you’ve seen in Lassie Come Home, but he’s generally a wonderful member of the family who’s happy to spread the love around to all members. Though he’s likely to get along just fine with cats, he also might try to herd them — plus other dogs in the house, children and even you.

Bassett Hound

Bassett Hound

He might not be known for his tremendous obedience, but the Basset Hound’s temperament is generally wonderful with other furry members of the family. He does become extremely attached to the humans in his family, so don’t plan on keeping him out in the yard when the cat comes in — he’ll be unhappy, and you’ll be treated to a melodious (and pitiful) song.

Of course, there are many more breeds associated with being good with cats, these are just na few we know about. Good luck with your search!